[GIT] Networking
David Miller
2011-10-25 10:32:06 UTC
The most visible thing in here is the reorganization of the drivers
under drivers/net.

Mostly it's moving the various ethernet drivers to paths of the form

There is almost nothing left directly under drivers/net/

Thanks to Jeff Kirsher for doing this work.

I have to say I was really impressed with GIT's rename detection. For
example, when I'd pull bug fixes from the 'net' tree into this
'net-next' tree, GIT would figure it out and cleanly merge in the
fixes even though the file names were completely different.

I'll also note that I had to bump GIT's diff.renamelimit to about 1000
to generate this pull request.

Other highlights:

1) Ian Campbell is going through the networking abstracting away
accesses to SKB page frags so we can cheaply do interesting things
with page referencing in the future.

2) Eric Dumazet is increasing the accuracy of skb->truesize's value
on incoming SKBs from devices so that we can avoid unexpectedly
running out of memory before we hit the individual socket and the
global protocol socket memory limits.

I think that, without the driver renames, this is actually a smaller
networking pull request than usual for the merge window.

Please pull, thanks a lot.

The following changes since commit 1bc67188c3843b8e16caaa8624beeb0e2823c1f8:

Merge branch 'for-linus' of http://ftp.arm.linux.org.uk/pub/linux/arm/kernel/git-cur/linux-2.6-arm (2011-10-25 10:18:27 +0200)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next.git master

Akeem G. Abodunrin (4):
igb: Code to prevent overwriting SFP I2C
igb: Alternate MAC Address EEPROM Updates
igb: Alternate MAC Address Updates for Func2&3
igb: Loopback functionality supports for i350 devices

Alex Hacker (2):
ath9k_hw: use register name in place of magic value
ath9k_hw: fix EIFS value to microseconds

Alexander Duyck (58):
ixgbe: Refactor transmit map and cleanup routines
ixgbe: replace reference to CONFIG_FCOE with IXGBE_FCOE
ixgbe: Cleanup FCOE and VLAN handling in xmit_frame_ring
ixgbe: Simplify transmit cleanup path
ixgbe: convert rings from q_vector bit indexed array to linked list
ixgbe: Add support for setting CC bit when SR-IOV is enabled
ixgbe: Always tag VLAN tagged packets
ixgbe: Change default Tx work limit size to 256 buffers
v2 ixgbe: consolidate all MSI-X ring interrupts and poll routines into one
ixgbe: cleanup allocation and freeing of IRQ affinity hint
ixgbe: Use ring->dev instead of adapter->pdev->dev when updating DCA
ixgbe: commonize ixgbe_map_rings_to_vectors to work for all interrupt types
ixgbe: Drop unnecessary adapter->hw dereference in loopback test setup
ixgbe: combine PCI_VDEVICE and board declaration to same line
ixgbe: Update TXDCTL configuration to correctly handle WTHRESH
ixgbe: cleanup reset paths
ixgbe: cleanup configuration of EITRSEL and VF reset path
ixgbe: Correctly name and handle MSI-X other interrupt
ixgbe: remove redundant configuration of tx_sample_rate
v2 ixgbe: Update packet buffer reservation to correct fdir headroom size
ixgbe: make ixgbe_up and ixgbe_up_complete void functions
ixgbe: Add missing code for enabling overheat sensor interrupt
ixgbe: Add SFP support for missed 82598 PHY
ixgbe: drop adapter from ixgbe_fso call documentation
ixgbe: Make better use of memory allocations in one-buffer mode w/ RSC
igb: Update RXDCTL/TXDCTL configurations
igb: Update max_frame_size to account for an optional VLAN tag if present
igb: drop support for single buffer mode
igb: streamline Rx buffer allocation and cleanup
igb: update ring and adapter structure to improve performance
igb: Refactor clean_rx_irq to reduce overhead and improve performance
igb: drop the "adv" off function names relating to descriptors
igb: Replace E1000_XX_DESC_ADV with IGB_XX_DESC
igb: Remove multi_tx_table and simplify igb_xmit_frame
igb: Make Tx budget for NAPI user adjustable
igb: split buffer_info into tx_buffer_info and rx_buffer_info
igb: Consolidate creation of Tx context descriptors into a single function
igb: Make first and tx_buffer_info->next_to_watch into pointers
igb: Create separate functions for generating cmd_type and olinfo
igb: Cleanup protocol handling in transmit path
igb: Combine all flag info fields into a single tx_flags structure
igb: consolidate creation of Tx buffer info and data descriptor
igb: push data into first igb_tx_buffer sooner to reduce stack usage
igb: Use node specific allocations for the q_vectors and rings
igb: avoid unnecessary conversions from u16 to int
igb: Consolidate all of the ring feature flags into a single value
igb: Move ITR related data into work container within the q_vector
igb: cleanup IVAR configuration
igb: retire the RX_CSUM flag and use the netdev flag instead
igb: leave staterr in place and instead us a helper function to check bits
igb: fix recent VLAN changes that would leave VLANs disabled after reset
igb: move TX hang check flag into ring->flags
igb: add support for NETIF_F_RXHASH
igb: avoid unnecessarily creating a local copy of the q_vector
igb: Make certain one vector is always assigned in igb_request_irq
igb: Fix features that are currently 82580 only and should also be i350
igb: Drop unnecessary write of E1000_IMS from igb_msix_other
igb: Add workaround for byte swapped VLAN on i350 local traffic

Alexander Guller (7):
mlx4_en: Assigning TX irq per ring
mlx4_en: Removing reserve vectors
mlx4_en: Adjusting moderation per each ring
mlx4_en: Added missing iounmap upon releasing a device
mlx4_en: Fix QP number calculation according to module param
mlx4_en: Fix crash upon device initialization error
mlx4_en: Adding 40gb speed report for ethtool

Alexander Simon (1):
mac80211: fix indentation

Alexander Smirnov (1):
IEEE802.15.4: 6LoWPAN basic support

Allan Stephens (23):
tipc: Remove obsolete manipulation of message re-route count field
tipc: Eliminate obsolete filter for unexpected unicast messages
tipc: Display meaningful peer interface name during link creation
tipc: Initialize peer session field of newly created link endpoint
tipc: Enhance filtering of out-dated link reset messages
tipc: Update obsolete references to multicast link
tipc: Cosmetic changes to broadcast bearer send routine
tipc: Remove non-executable code to handle broadcast bearer congestion
tipc: Enhance cleanup of broadcast link when contact with node is lost
tipc: Prevent broadcast link stalling when another node fails
tipc: Fix node lock problems during broadcast message reception
tipc: Remove deferred queue head caching during broadcast message reception
tipc: Discard incoming broadcast messages that are unexpected
tipc: Remove obsolete congestion handling when sending a broadcast NACK
tipc: Eliminate redundant check when sending messages
tipc: Prevent rounding issues when saving connect timeout option
tipc: Ensure congested links receive bearer status updates
tipc: Ensure both nodes recognize loss of contact between them
tipc: Fix unsafe device list search when enabling bearer
tipc: Remove redundant search when enabling bearer
tipc: Lower limits for number of bearers and media types
tipc: Prevent fragmented messages during initial name table exchange
tipc: Enhance sending of bulk name table messages

Aloisio Almeida Jr (1):
MAINTAINERS: Add NFC subsystem entry

Alwin Beukers (9):
brcm80211: cleanup function prototypes
brcm80211: removed unused functions
brcm80211: moved power conversion functions
brcm80211: moved function brcmu_chipname
brcm80211: moved function brcmu_parse_tlvs
brcm80211: moved function brcmu_chspec_malformed
brcm80211: moved function brcmu_mkiovar
brcm80211: moved function brcmu_format_flags
brcm80211: removed file wifi.c

Ameen Rahman (1):
qlcnic: Added error logging for firmware abort

Amir Hanania (2):
ixgbe - DDP last user buffer - error to warn
ixgbe: Add FCoE DDP allocation failure counters to ethtool stats.

Amit Beka (1):
iwlagn: remove duplicate list init

Amit Kumar Salecha (1):
MAINTAINERS: change netxen_nic maintainers

Amitkumar Karwar (15):
mwifiex: print driver version information
mwifiex: use cfg80211 dynamic scan table and cfg80211_get_bss API
libertas: update readme file
mwifiex: fix 5GHz association issue
mwifiex: update bss band information
mwifiex: pass correct band parameter to ieee80211_channel_to_frequency()
mwifiex: reset skb length before inserting to free queue
mwifiex: remove unnecessary mwifiex_dump_station_info() call
mwifiex: remove unreachable code
mwifiex: fix Tx data rate display issue
mwifiex: correct AMSDU aggregation check
mwifiex: handle an error path correctly
mwifiex: add support for Marvell pcie8766 chipset
mwifiex: use separate wait condition for each command node
mwifiex: fix make namespacecheck warnings

Anderson Briglia (1):
Bluetooth: Fix wrong memcpy size on LE start encryption

Anderson Lizardo (1):
Bluetooth: use recommended LE connection parameters

Andre Guedes (3):
Bluetooth: Reduce critical region.
Bluetooth: Check 'dev_class' in mgmt_device_found()
Bluetooth: hci_le_adv_report_evt code refactoring

Andreas Hofmeister (1):
ipv6: Do not use routes from locally generated RAs

Andres Salomon (1):
libertas: prioritize usb8388_olpc.bin firmware on OLPC machines

Andy Fleming (2):
net: Allow skb_recycle_check to be done in stages
phylib: Modify Vitesse RGMII skew settings

Andy Shevchenko (1):
wireless: at76c50x: use native hex_pack_byte() method

Anirban Chakraborty (4):
qlcnic: Fix enviroment variable for udev event generation during FW dump
qlcnic: FW dump related changes
qlcnic: Change CDRP function

Anton Blanchard (15):
ehea: Remove NETIF_F_LLTX
ehea: Update multiqueue support
ehea: Remove force_irq logic in napi poll routine
ehea: Remove num_tx_qps module option
ehea: Dont check NETIF_F_TSO in TX path
ehea: Add vlan_features
ehea: Allocate large enough skbs to avoid partial cacheline DMA writes
ehea: Simplify ehea_xmit2 and ehea_xmit3
ehea: Merge swqe2 TSO and non TSO paths
ehea: Simplify type 3 transmit routine
ehea: Remove some unused definitions
ehea: Add 64bit statistics
ehea: Remove LRO support
ehea: Add GRO support
ehea: Remove unused tcp_end field in send WQ

Antonio Quartulli (8):
batman-adv: hash_add() has to discriminate on the return value
batman-adv: correct several typ0s in the comments
batman-adv: detect clients connected through a 802.11 device
batman-adv: implement AP-isolation on the receiver side
batman-adv: implement AP-isolation on the sender side
batman-adv: print client flags in the local/global transtables output
batman-adv: fix tt_local_reset_flags() function
batman-adv: correctly set the data field in the TT_REPONSE packet

Antti Julku (2):
Bluetooth: Add mgmt command for fast connectable mode
Bluetooth: Add mgmt events for blacklisting

Arend van Spriel (11):
net: wireless: add brcm80211 drivers
brcm80211: remove sparse warning in fullmac debug function
brcm80211: fix sparse endianess error in mac80211_if.c
brcm80211: add endian annotation to packet filter structures
brcm80211: rename variable in _brcmf_set_multicast_list()
brcm80211: fix annotations in TOE configuration functions
brcm80211: use endian annotations in scan related function
brcm80211: use endian annotation for pmk related structure
brcm80211: use endian annotations for assoc ie length request
brcm80211: use endian annotation for roaming related parameters
brcm80211: use endian annotation for scan time configuration

Arik Nemtsov (38):
wl12xx: Revert "wl12xx: schedule TX packets according to FW occupancy"
wl12xx: Use a single fw for both STA and AP roles
wl12xx: use 1 spare block in all cases
wl12xx: handle dummy packet event also in ap mode
wl12xx: fix session counter
wl12xx: use dynamic hlids for AP-mode
wl12xx: re-enable block ack session support
wl12xx: AP-mode - set STA HT capabilities when adding a STA
wl12xx: AP-mode - configure STA HT rates on join
wl12xx: AP-mode - configure HT rate support to the FW
wl12xx: track freed packets in FW by AC
wl12xx: schedule TX packets according to FW packet occupancy
wl12xx: handle wrap-around overflow in released Tx blocks FW counter
wl12xx: enable AP advanced functionality
wl12xx: set the AP-started flag only after setting keys
wl12xx: AP-mode - prevent Tx to stale/invalid stations
wl12xx: fix tx_queue_count spurious increment
wl12xx: allow 11a AP-mode for wl127x devices
mac80211: allow action frames with unknown BSSID in GO mode
mac80211: add flag to indicate HW only Tx-agg setup support
wl12xx: don't queue a new dummy packet if one is already pending
wl12xx: don't indicate up PS-filtered dummy packets
wl12xx: AP mode - don't regulate FW blocks for non-active STAs
wl12xx: support up to 8 stations in AP-mode
wl12xx: don't regulate links when a single STA is connected
wl12xx: AP mode - enable the BA constraint event from the FW
wl12xx: AP mode - clean BA and queue state in tx_reset
wl12xx: set mac80211 flags for A-MPDU aggregation support
mac80211: add ssid config to bss information in AP-mode
wl12xx: AP mode - support hidden SSID
wl12xx: correct fw_status structure for 8 sta support in AP-mode
wl12xx: report the stop_ba event to all STAs in AP-mode
mac80211: treat the WME sta flag as a bit
nl80211: support sending TDLS commands/frames
mac80211: standardize adding supported rates IEs
mac80211: handle TDLS high-level commands and frames
nl80211/mac80211: allow adding TDLS peers as stations
mac80211: data path modification for TDLS peers

Axel Lin (1):
p54spi: add "spi:" prefix for stlc45xx modalias

Baruch Siach (1):
mac80211/mesh: make the preq queue lock consistent

Ben Hutchings (24):
ethtool: Reformat struct ethtool_coalesce comments into kernel-doc format
ethtool: Specify what kind of coalescing struct ethtool_coalesce covers
ethtool: Correct description of 'max_coalesced_frames' fields
ethtool: Explicitly state the exit condition for interrupt coalescing
ethtool: Note common alternate exit condition for interrupt coalescing
headers, pppox: Add missing #include to <linux/if_pppox.h>
headers, ax25: Add missing #include to <linux/netrom.h>, <linux/rose.h>
headers, pppol2tp: Use __kernel_pid_t in <linux/pppol2tp.h>
headers, net: Use __kernel_sa_family_t in more definitions shared with userland
headers, netfilter: Use kernel type names __u8, __u16, __u32
headers, tipc: Add missing #include to <linux/tipc_config.h> for userland
headers, netfilter: Add missing #include <limits.h> for userland
headers, xtables: Add missing #include <linux/netfilter.h>
headers, can: Add missing #include to <linux/can/bcm.h>
sfc: Correct error code for unsupported interrupt coalescing parameters
sfc: Use consistent types for interrupt coalescing parameters
sfc: Correct reporting and validation of TX interrupt coalescing
sfc: Validate IRQ moderation parameters in efx_init_irq_moderation()
sfc: Use correct fields of struct ethtool_coalesce
ethtool: Make struct ethtool_rxnfc kernel-doc more self-consistent
ethtool: Explicitly state that RX NFC rule locations are priorities
ethtool: Clean up definitions of rule location arrays in RX NFC
ethtool: Update ethtool_rxnfc::rule_cnt on return from ETHTOOL_GRXCLSRLALL
RPS: Ensure that an expired hardware filter can be re-added later

Bhanu Prakash Gollapudi (1):

Bill Jordan (2):
ath9k: fix MGMT packets when using TKIP
ath9k: ath9k_hw_set_txpowerlimit sets previous txpower

Bing Zhao (2):
mwifiex: remove wireless.h inclusion and fix resulting bugs
mwifiex: remove redundant variable scan_table_idx

Bruce Allan (7):
e1000e: convert driver to use extended descriptors
e1000e: bump driver version number
e1000e: convert to netdev features/hw_features API
e1000e: WoL can fail on 82578DM
e1000e: WoL fails on device ID 0x1501
e1000e: bad short packets received when jumbos enabled on 82579
e1000e: locking bug introduced by commit 67fd4fcb

Carolyn Wyborny (4):
igb: Version bump.
igb: Fix for Alt MAC Address feature on 82580 and later devices
igb: Move DMA Coalescing init code to separate function.
igb: VFTA Table Fix for i350 devices

Changli Gao (5):
net: rps: support 802.1Q
net: rps: support PPPOE session messages
net: add the comment for skb->l4_rxhash
net: Preserve ooo_okay when copying skb header
net: rps: fix the support for PPPOE

Chaoming Li (4):
rtlwifi: Update to new Realtek version - Part I
rtlwifi: rtl8192ce: Add new chip revisions
rtlwifi: rtl8192se: Updates from latest Realtek driver version - Part II
rtlwifi: rtl8192de: Updates from latest Reaktek driver - Part III

Christian Lamparter (8):
carl9170: fix timekeeping for HW_COUNTER firmwares
carl9170: import updated firmware headers
carl9170: improve site survey
carl9170: export HW random number generator
p54: improve site survey
carl9170: Use do_div for 64-bit division to fix 32-bit kernels
p54: Use do_div for 64-bit division to fix 32-bit kernels
minstrel_ht: fix Open BA session request floods

Clemens Buchacher (1):
jme: fix irq storm after suspend/resume

Dan Carpenter (23):
qla3xxx: remove an extra semi-colon
libertas: remove some dead code in if_spi_prog_helper_firmware()
libertas: handle mesh networks in lbs_iface_active()
bcma: signedness bug in bcma_get_next_core()
bna: unlock on error path in pnad_pci_probe()
bna: off by one in bfa_msgq_rspq_pi_update()
mac80211: handle allocation failures in mesh_pathtbl_init()
iwlwifi: fix double assign in iwl_start_tx_ba_trans_ready()
iwlwifi: signedness bug in iwl_trans_pcie_tx_agg_alloc()
6LoWPAN: use kfree_skb() instead of kfree()
6LoWPAN: use the _safe version of list_for_each
6LoWPAN: call dev_put() on error in lowpan_newlink()
mwifiex: add a kfree() to an error path
mwifiex: remove unneeded NULL check
NFC: use after free on error
wl3501_cs: min_t() cast truncates high bits
caif: add error handling for allocation
bnx2x: remove some dead code
ath5k: remove some unneeded error handling code
ath9k: remove some bogus error handling code
cipso: remove an unneeded NULL check in cipso_v4_doi_add()
iwmc3200wifi: add a range check to iwm_cfg80211_get_key()
filter: use unsigned int to silence static checker warning

Daniel Drake (8):
libertas: link mesh device to wiphy
libertas_usb: use USB interface as parent device
libertas_usb: program OLPC EC wakeup mask for wake-on-WLAN
libertas: disable functionality when interface is down
libertas: implement if_sdio runtime power management
libertas: scan behaviour consistency improvements
libertas: detect TX lockups and reset hardware
libertas: fix changing interface type when interface is down

Daniel Halperin (1):
iwlagn: fix compile warnings when CONFIG_PM_SLEEP is not set

Daniel Martensson (4):
caif-hsi: Making read and writes asynchronous.
caif-hsi: HSI-Platform device register and unregisters itself
caif-hsi: Added sanity check for length of CAIF frames
caif-hsi: Added recovery check of CA wake status.

Dave Martin (1):
net/smsc911x: Correctly configure 16-bit register access from DT

David Daney (2):
netdev/phy: Use mdiobus_read() so that proper locks are taken.
netdev/phy/icplus: Use mdiobus_write() and mdiobus_read() for proper locking.

David Herrmann (1):
Bluetooth: hidp: Add support for NO_INIT_REPORTS quirk

David S. Miller (39):
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net
Merge branch 'dccp' of git://eden-feed.erg.abdn.ac.uk/net-next-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../jkirsher/next-organize
cxgbi: Fix scsi Kconfig dependencies.
mlx4: Fix infiniband Kconfig dependencies.
cnic: Fix select dependencies in bnx2fc/bnx2i Kconfig.
net: Move sungem_phy.h under include/linux
net: Fix sungem_phy sharing.
Merge branch 'can/mscan' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/mkl/linux-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../davem/net
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next
Merge branch 'batman-adv/next' of git://git.open-mesh.org/linux-merge
Merge branch 'davem-next.mii' of git://git.kernel.org/.../romieu/netdev-2.6
Merge branch 'master' of master.kernel.org:/.../jkirsher/next-organize
Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.kernel.org/.../linville/wireless-next
net: Fix duplicate CONFIG_SLIP entry in driver/net/Makefile
Merge branch 'master' of ../netdev-next/
Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.infradead.org/users/linville/wireless-next
Merge git://github.com/Jkirsher/net-next
Revert "Scm: Remove unnecessary pid & credential references in Unix socket's send and receive path"
Merge git://github.com/Jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'tipc-Sep17-2011' of git://openlinux.windriver.com/people/paulg/net-next
Merge branch 'batman-adv/next' of git://git.open-mesh.org/linux-merge
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:davem330/net-next
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:davem330/net
Merge branch 'davem-next.r8169' of git://violet.fr.zoreil.com/romieu/linux
Merge git://github.com/Jkirsher/net-next
Merge git://github.com/Jkirsher/net-next
Merge git://github.com/Jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:davem330/net
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.infradead.org/users/linville/wireless-next
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../jkirsher/net-next
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'batman-adv/maint' of git://git.open-mesh.org/linux-merge
Merge git://git.kernel.org/.../jkirsher/net-next
Merge branch 'master' of ra.kernel.org:/.../davem/net

Dean Nelson (2):
e1000: save skb counts in TX to avoid cache misses
e1000: don't enable dma receives until after dma address has been setup

Deepak Sikri (1):
stmmac: support wake up irq from external sources (v3)

Dirk Eibach (1):
net: Fix driver name for mdio-gpio.c

Dmitry Kravkov (1):
bnx2x: Fix build error

Dmitry Tarnyagin (3):
caif-hsi: Fixing a race condition in the caif_hsi code
caif-hsi: Fix for wakeup condition problem
caif-hsi: Make inactivity timeout configurable.

Don Fry (3):
iwlagn: replace beacon_time_fsf_bits variable with #define
iwlagn: rename iwlagn module iwlwifi and alias to iwlagn.
iwlagn: eliminate bus pointer from iwl_priv structure

Don Skidmore (6):
ixgbe: cleanup feature flags in ixgbe_probe
ixgbe: fix ixgbe_fc_autoneg_fiber bug
ixgbe: cleanup X540 interrupt enablement
ixgbe: cleanup ixgbe_setup_gpie() for X540
ixgbe: add ECC warning for legacy interrupts
ixgbe: bump version number

Edward Lu (4):
ath6kl: Support channel set request for startscan command
ath6kl: Fix a typo in ath6k context
ath6kl: Fix default key installation in AP mode
ath6kl: Do not clear CONNECT bit setting in AP mode for STA disconnect

Einar Lueck (2):
qeth: support forced signal adapter indications
qeth: exploit asynchronous delivery of storage blocks

Eliad Peller (54):
mac80211: clear sta.drv_priv on reconfiguration
wl12xx: temporarily disable advanced ap functions
wl12xx: remove rx filtering stuff
wl12xx: update fw status struct
wl12xx: update acx commands
wl12xx: update commands & events
wl12xx: enable/disable role on interface add/remove
wl12xx: add device role commands
wl12xx: update scan cmd api
wl12xx: update rx/tx
wl12xx: change max/default template size
wl12xx: use wl1271_acx_beacon_filter_opt for both sta and ap
wl12xx: add set_rate_mgmt_params acx
wl12xx: add system_hlid
wl12xx: add ROC/CROC commands
wl12xx: replace dummy_join with ROC/CROC commands
wl12xx: update BT coex configuration params
wl12xx: call wl12xx_cmd_set_peer_state() in AP mode
wl12xx: don't remove key if hlid was already deleted
wl12xx: add wl12xx_cmd_role_start_ibss()
wl12xx: support IBSS vif type
wl12xx: use ap_bcast_hlid for recorded keys
wl12xx: don't remove key if hlid was already deleted
wl12xx: don't wait for disconnection event
wl12xx: initialize rate_set on band rates initialization
wl12xx: increase psm_entry_retries
wl12xx: enter psm only after station role was started
nl80211/cfg80211: add STA WME parameters
mac80211: add uapsd_queues and max_sp params fields
nl80211/cfg80211: add WIPHY_FLAG_AP_UAPSD flag
wl12xx: print acx id
wl12xx: print the seq_num of rx packet
wl12xx: add module_param to trigger BUG() on recovery
wl12xx: add beacon_filtering debugfs file
wl12xx: don't disconnect on recovery
wl12xx: don't use WL1271_SCAN_OPT_PRIORITY_HIGH flag
wl12xx: check for ROC on scan_complete
wl12xx: add config_hangover command
wl12xx: use kstrtoul_from_user
wl12xx: declare support for WIPHY_FLAG_AP_UAPSD
wl12xx: support p2p interfaces
nl80211/cfg80211/mac80211: fix wme docs
cfg80211: add cfg80211_find_vendor_ie() function
wl12xx: remove TIM ie from probe response
wl12xx: remove P2P ie from probe response
wl12xx: send all pending packets on channel change
wl12xx: Use dev_hlid for auth and assoc req
wl12xx: implement set_bitrate_mask callback
mac80211: add ieee80211_vif param to tsf functions
cfg80211/mac80211: add netdev param to set_txq_params()
mac80211: save tx params per sdata
mac80211: pass vif param to conf_tx() callback
wl12xx: configure rate policy for p2p operations
wl12xx: disable AP-mode-specific quirks

Emil Tantilov (20):
ixgbe: add check for supported modes
ixgbe: clear RNBC only for 82598
ixgbe: cleanup some register reads
ixgbe: fix FCRTL/H register dump for X540
ixgbe: remove duplicate netif_tx_start_all_queues
ixgbe: avoid HW lockup when adapter is reset with Tx work pending
ixgbe: add WOL support for X540
ixgbe: remove global reset to the MAC
ixgbe: Cleanup q_vector interrupt throttle rate logic
ixgbe: prevent link checks while resetting
ixgbe: clear the data field in ixgbe_read_i2c_byte_generic
ixgbe: remove return code for functions that always return 0
ixgbe: add support for new 82599 device
ixgbe: send MFLCN to ethtool
ixgbe: do not disable flow control in ixgbe_check_mac_link
ixgbe: remove instances of ixgbe_phy_aq for 82598 and 82599
igb: fix static function warnings reported by sparse
ixgbe: fix endianess when writing driver version to firmware
ixgbe: allow eeprom writes via ethtool
ixgbe: change the eeprom version reported by ethtool

Emmanuel Grumbach (82):
iwlagn: use iwl_get_debug_level instead of iwl_debug_level
iwlagn: introduce iwl-shared.h
iwlagn: introduce struct iwl-shared - known by all layers
iwlagn: debug_level moves to struct iwl_shared
iwlagn: hw_params moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: cmd_queue moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: workqueue moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: priv->status moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: priv->lock moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: priv->mutex moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: modify the debug macro to be usable by all the layers
iwlagn: priv->sta_lock moves to iwl_shared
iwlagn: bus layer chooses its transport layer
iwlagn: add comments to iwl_bus / iwl_trans
iwlagn: transport handler can register debugfs entries
iwlagn: iwl_rx_queue moves to the iwl_trans_pcie
iwlagn: move iwl_suspend / iwl_resume to the transport layer
iwlagn: move ISR related data to transport layer
iwlagn: move the NIC error flow to the transport layer
iwlagn: move isr_statistics to transport layer
iwlagn: reclaim the packets in transport layer
iwlagn: move reclaim related functions
iwlagn: move scd_bc_tbls and scd_base_addr to iwl_trans_pcie
iwlagn: fix the check of IWLAGN_FIRST_AMPDU_QUEUE
iwlagn: move all iwl_is_XXX helpers to iwl-shared.h
iwlagn: move iwl_free_pages to iwl-shared.h
iwlagn: transport layer should receive iwl_trans
iwlagn: move hcmd_lock to transport layer
iwlagn: move dump_csr and dump_fh to transport layer
iwlagn: remove references to priv from the transport layer
iwlagn: remove unused parameters from hw_params
iwlagn: iwl-dev.h doesn't include iwl-fh.h any more
iwlagn: move Keep Warm to transport layer
iwlagn: add missing includes
iwlagn: all function iwl-io.c receive iwl_bus
iwlagn: iwl-pci doesn't include iwl-dev any more
iwlagn: iwl_tid_data moves to iwl-shared
iwlagn: remove dereferences of priv from transport
iwlagn: stop the device before freeing it
iwlagn: upper layer stores iwl_rxon_context in skb's CB
iwlagn: set tx_fifo for ampdu in transport layer
iwlagn: upper layer uses slabs to allocate tx cmds
iwlagn: move the mapping ac to queue / fifo to transport
iwlagn: allocate resources for TX BA session in transport
iwlagn: move the check_empty logic to the transport layer
iwlagn: move the disable agg logic to transport layer
iwlagn: cosmetics in iwl-trans.h
iwlagn: move wait_for_tx_queue_empty to transport layer
iwlagn: move check_stuck_queue to transport layer
iwlagn: move the stop / wake queue logic to transport layer
iwlagn: move tx queues to transport layer
iwlagn: merge iwl_pci_down and iwl_pci_remove
iwlagn: remove priv dereferences from the transport layer
iwlagn: clean up of transport layer
iwlagn: move traffic_log back to upper layer
iwlagn: iwl-trans.c can't dereference iwl_priv any more
iwlagn: fix compilation when debug flags is unset
iwlagn: warn about buggy fw that doesn't set SEQ_RX_FRAME
iwlagn: unmap cmd queue's tfds as BIDI
iwlagn: free the Tx cmd when a non empty Tx queue is freed
iwlagn: move iwl_stop / wake_queue to the upper layer
iwlagn: use enum iwl_